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Your Love

March 25, 2009
By Isabelle GOLD, Kamuela, Hawaii
Isabelle GOLD, Kamuela, Hawaii
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The air was stale, bleak, and I found myself to remain weak. I could hardly see what was standing right in front of me. I hated this sorry town, the empty roads, sold-out stores, and broken homes. The isolation, the loneliness, the despair. The clock that would talk every morning, telling me there was no reason to see Day, no reason to see Night. So I would stay inside and hide from the depression. I sat solitary listening to a beautiful language the no one else would hear. I decayed in every worn-out day. Each moment I would kill, each minute I would cry, everyday I would die...and I never knew the reason why. I never new what hope was, faith, or love. The only thing I held trust in was a lie. I crawled home to a mess each night, born again and again. I prayed, when will this end. It was getting tighter, fainter, and harder to stay alive. But then I saw... you standing right in front of me.

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