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April 1, 2009
By Krisi SILVER, Clearwater, Kansas
Krisi SILVER, Clearwater, Kansas
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Favorite Quote:
All I'm saying is, take that metaphorical duct tape off your mouth and be heard.

I see glory in your eyes.
I hear your peaceful thoughts,
I taste fire on your lips.
I smell the sweet relief
From your body.
You’ve let me go.
As I to you.

Official birthday
I hope you see the day,
The day I conquer everything,
That is wrong with me.
I hope to see the day as well.

Poe and Dickinson
Once upon a midnight dreary,
I walked alone cold and weary.
I walked alone a path in the midnight moon.
And in the trees I heard a loon.
Crazy as can be, alone and bewildered.
It reminded me of the day I walked along
Death’s side, almost like a companion.
He came alone and tried to grab my hand.
To push me to him in death’s cold embrace to
Kiss the lips of cold hard death.
I pushed away and found myself to this path
Alone with the loon

Normalcy in society
I use to write;
But my creativity is gone.
I’ve lost my rhyme;
I’ve lost my rhythm;
I’ve lost my beat,
My hand is broken;
My head is jumbled.
I’m rotting as I’m
Jotting down just words.

High school sweethearts
Bully, bully.
Where’ja get that sneer?
Bully, bully
Who ya going to hurt?
Bully, bully
Whose gonna pay for your pain?
Bully, bully
Why no tears?
Why no friends?
Bully, bully
It’ll be alright.
You’ve got back up
In your back pack.

Fire and ice;
Fire and ice.
No one’s nice.
So you’ll pay the price.
Kill the fire, inspire the peace.
Ease the pain, no more feelings.

Silent as a tomb
One day I tried to find my voice,
But my throat was dry and had spider webs.
I had no meaning so I closed my mouth.
Then one day I had an epiphany and I
Screamed and shouted till I could no more.
Then I smiled through cracked lips.
I had been heard

Natural Revolution!
The rustling leaves.
The whispering trees.
They look around, I’m alone.
Or am I?
I hear everything trying to talk at one time.
Mother nature is trying to hush her children.
But they will not be hushed.
They talk of revolution!
To revolt against man.
They want us to die, just like they had.
But mother nature quietly tells them:
“We have had our time on this earth, it is their turn now”
they all become quiet.
But they still all rustle.
I walk away hands in pocket, hoping the next person in
These woods is kind to the forest.

I use to be daddy’s little girl.
Now I’m daddy’s little terror.
I use to run to your arms.
Now I run from your fists;
Daddy, what went wrong?

Global warming
I never thought I would see the day.
That the flowers wilted in may.
But the sunlight has been destroyed;
The earth cannot bear to watch.
We have come across the time,
When the earth can not bear us.

Mind fill
What is real and what is fake?
One person sees junk.
Another sees treasure.
You cannot measure some one else’s.

As worthy as gold
Kiss me with your gaze.
Say you love me with your eyes.
Don’t make me go, fight me, hold me down.
Don’t let me leave.
Make me feel worth it.

Road block
My carpal tunnel has blocked my flow.
My creativity has dried up.
I feel no worth.
I am no use.
Throw me out like an over used napkin.
I’m gone.

See the unseen
Leaves are like fairies.
They flutter and dance.
A sight to see, but as soon as to try to touch, they are gone.
But you know they are there.

Mtv Dj
She’s the kind of girl with glitter in her hair.
She has the walk, she has the talk.
That eat-your-heart-out kind of girl.
But you don’t see the sneer, the sneer,
The cruel tint in her Eyes?
Eat-your-heart-out huh?
Well honey, I’m a vegetarian.
And I see pass your big brown eyes.
I see your insecurities.
I see your sadness.

Karma is the sweetest of revenge
Repressed in anger,
Repressed in hate;
But you will have to wait.
For nature to do her job.
Let them destroy themselves from the inside out.

Finding my center in a land fill
I have finally found my secret place.
A meadow in the middle of the forest.
Its shady décor takes my breath away.
I go to sit.
And then I see it a snickers wrapper blowing in the wind.
I have a fury built up inside me that does not bend.
I have lost my place, to the trash and smog.

The author's comments:
Well, these are some of my poems that I made for my creative writing class, and I decided to just put them all in one space.

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