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March 31, 2009
By Frannie Ucciferri SILVER, Walnut Creek, California
Frannie Ucciferri SILVER, Walnut Creek, California
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Don’t talk backstage, the show’s about to start.
Be sure to break a leg! You’ll all do great!
The stage is set: the bi-flats, blocks, and cart.
Go get the Oh-My-Gosh girls ‘fore they’re late!
Please tiptoe in your tap shoes ‘cross the stage
And do not idly stand in front of flats
Or else inspire the teenaged techies’ rage
And please, for once, remember props and hats.
When things go well, the first act really flies.
My crew in black moves flats and even sings
Now sadly, time to move the tri-flat, guys.
And wait like stealthy ninjas in the wings.
Unlike an actor who commands a scene,
A skilled stage manager is never seen.

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