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Guardian Angel

February 19, 2009
By ~!@Kali@!~ BRONZE, Vilonia, Arkansas
~!@Kali@!~ BRONZE, Vilonia, Arkansas
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My wings enfold you in a comforting embrace
As I gaze upon your troubled face

I've seen and heard it all,
The fights, the tears, and the breakup calls

I lull you to sleep through a nightingale's song
My music is soft but my voice strong

Tomorrow you wont remember me
My song, it was the key

Your sorrow now has flown away
And on my own back, it will forever stay

My love for you is why I sing
Because I hate the pain to you this world brings

I will always come to you each night
And the next morning with a new sorrow I'll take my flight

You'll never know what I've done for you
But to you my love will always be true

Through all your toils and your tangles
Know that I'll be there
Your Guardian Angel

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