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February 19, 2009
By ~!@Kali@!~ BRONZE, Vilonia, Arkansas
~!@Kali@!~ BRONZE, Vilonia, Arkansas
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Her feet they stay perfectly in line
As the chains and clock click slower with time

She's been kept prisoner for all these years
Simply because he knows her secrets and fears

She comes back to reality and glances up from her desk
And there he stands dressed in his high school best

“Hello, Honey.” He smiles and kisses her hand
The whole class “aww”s they don't understand

They all think the two are deeply in love
With their phony kisses and false hugs

Truth is he's watching her, tracking her every move
She's even too scared to just say “We're through.”

She's always thought boyfriends were ­supposed to be gentle and kind
And yet here she stands
A prisoner of his suspicious mind

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