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November 14, 2010
By nickykens ELITE, Draper, Utah
nickykens ELITE, Draper, Utah
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There are so many words
That never will describe
This hopeless, helpless feeling
That I feel inside
The constant tears that are so close
That well up in my eyes
One by one, they drop down
And I just do not know why
The frightened glances left and right
Of a fear unknown
I close my eyes and open them
And everybody’s gone
I walk along the empty halls
Looking for a friend
The colors spin around me
And then they start to blend
I’m lost inside a swirling madness
I’m looking to escape
I’m looking for an answer
But I’m scared I’m much too late
Finally I land on ground
Dizzy and confused
My body might be quite intact
But my mind’s severely bruised
I reach for something stable
But I grasp only air
All I’m wanting is a smile
To show that someone’s there
Buy my calls for help are echoing
And the darkness is closing in
And it’s right within that moment
I let insanity win
I’m abandoned even in my mind
A scary, dark abyss
I’m not sure what’s going on
Ignorance is bliss?
My tears are falling steady now
But I’ve become so numb
I sit and marvel and watch myself
Slowly come undone
But then it turns, this dream of mine
A dim light flickers on
Something clicks inside my head
And all my doubt is gone
I know that I have fallen
I’m flat out on the ground
But I once heard Rock Bottom
Is just a place to turn around

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