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Without Answers

May 21, 2011
By Rainey GOLD, Dumfries, Virginia
Rainey GOLD, Dumfries, Virginia
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I've never told a lie and that makes me a liar, I've never made a bet but we gamble with desire, I've never lit a match with intent to start a fire but recently the flames are getting out of control
- All Time Low: Jasey Rae

If I screamed your name
Would you answer my prayers?
If I read you a lullaby
Would you fall asleep,
And dream of me?
If I wrote you a song
Would you listen to it all night long?
If I gave you the world
Would you watch it twirl?
And if I gave you my love
Would I get yours back?
If I gave you my all
Would you catch me when I fall?
If I let you be my everything
Would you let me into your world?
If I you only had one day to live
Would you choose to live it with me?
These are the things I wonder about
When I look into your eyes
These are the things I wonder about
When we have said our good-byes
These are the things I hope
One day you'll wonder too
These are things I wonder about
Every second I'm with you
These are the questions
That circle in my mind
These are the questions
With answers I will never find

The author's comments:
i am not sure if this is a ballad or not, but yeah :) um, im not really sure if this is about a certain person or not. It just popped into my head, like most things do

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