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White Walls (I'm Not Here Right Now)

December 27, 2011
By Athenly GOLD, Oakhurst, California
Athenly GOLD, Oakhurst, California
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People see what they want to see and disraguard the rest.
~Paul Simon

White walls north, south, east, and west
Try to close me in, but fail.
Teacher trying to teach the best,
But my mind keeps going stale.

I'm not here right now, can't you see?
My mind keeps floating off to space.
Pretty soon it's going to flee
If interest isn't at this place.

Escape to my secret meadow
Where dainty flowers appear.
On the ground there's patches of snow
The creek is the only thing I hear.

Stars in the sky like diamonds
Begin to rain down like fire
Minutes pass by like seconds
Drugs couldn't make me higher

It is the undertow of white walls
That forces me to daydream.
Finding pleasure in boring halls
Make things better than they seem.

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem while I was in my psychology class. The walls in that classroom are very boring and completely white with no windows. Plus, the teacher isn't very good. It's the worst class I've ever been in.

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