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November 11, 2012
By Crunchman99 SILVER, Mitchell, South Dakota
Crunchman99 SILVER, Mitchell, South Dakota
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Large, majestic, snowy mountains
Separating to form a pass
The evening sun shining
On the ocean smooth as glass

Deserts, jungles, plains
With tall, waving grass
Clouds drifting like white fabric
In that endless blue mass

Shining on the waters
Are the sun’s golden rays
Giving light to all the creatures
Underneath the waves

Leaves rustle softly
As they turn golden brown
They tumble in a symphony of color
As they fall gracefully to the ground

The icy frozen tundra
Up in the far north
Has its own rugged beauty
To the right eye is bursting forth

The dark green forests
Lit by the sun’s rays
Let mist form, rising up
Creating a rusty golden haze

The snow-capped mountains
Blanketed in white
Have a certain glow about them
In the darkness of the night

The silver colored moon
Shining softer than the sun
Gives everything a certain charm
Before the night is done

The small, silver, twinkling stars
Up in the black night sky
Are so very, very far away
Their light is pleasing to the eye

We take these things for granted
We don’t take time to look
At these strange and amazing sights
They can’t be described in a book

And now my tale is ending
I suppose the time is right
But next time you see one of these
Take a moment to enjoy the sight

For who knows the future?
I certainly cannot say
But some of these amazing sights
Well, they might be gone someday.

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on Jan. 27 2013 at 10:49 pm
Sketched97 PLATINUM, Silver Spring, Maryland
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Wow! Really well written.

on Jan. 7 2013 at 6:38 am
In_Love_with_Writing GOLD, Easton, Pennsylvania
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Wow. This is soo beautiful. I really liked it a lot. Can you please comment and rate on some of my work? I would appreciate it. Thanks!

on Nov. 22 2012 at 3:47 pm
Kat_Poetry BRONZE, Neenah, Wisconsin
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"But without the dark, we would never see the stars"

Oh my gosh. This is amazing I love the discription, the detail, and the whole message of this. Well done!