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The Dark

November 25, 2012
By Athenly GOLD, Oakhurst, California
Athenly GOLD, Oakhurst, California
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People see what they want to see and disraguard the rest.
~Paul Simon

Today I looked into the dark
It was in the corner of the room.
Nobody saw it, except for me
In all its loneliness and gloom.

I stared at it with a heavy heart
I knew soon I would be going there;
And no one around me said a word
They were too happy to care.

My friends didn’t even notice
That I was slipping away.
While all the pain inside my heart
Knocked me to my knees today.

I was being eaten alive
By all the tears that filled me;
And even though I screamed for help,
Nobody could hear my plea.

The sorrow stopped my every breath;
It made me bleed all over the floor.
It took everything I ever had
And in the end it wanted more.

“Come to me,” beckoned the dark,
“I can hide you from the pain.
Your friends won’t know where to look;
You’ll never be the fool again.”

I looked to my jolly good friends,
Who were too busy to realize
While they were being stupid teens
I was fading on the inside.

Another painful stab to my heart
Forced me down; I couldn’t stand.
My heart barely beat as I cried,
“Please, help me! Save me! Grab my hand!”

They just watched as I couldn’t breathe,
As my heart slowed to a stop.
“Life is so lonely,” I told them
“When you don’t belong at the top.”

With those last words, the grief had killed me.
No one even knew I died.
My soul was gone, missing, AWOL;
Because they couldn’t see through the tears I cried.

I walked into the dark today
In hopes of finding my precious coal.
But to no avail I did seek;
I could not find my soul.

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on Nov. 30 2012 at 10:06 pm
DanceOfBlades PLATINUM, Springfield, Virginia
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Favorite Quote:
"Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. To obtain, something of equal value must be lost. That is alchemy's first Law of Equivalent Exchange."

This has seriously blown me away! Everytime I try to right something along the lines of "the dark", I never get my point across, and it's all just scattered and confusing. But this is so well put together, and you've really got the touch to make this such a great ballad! Way to go!!!