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Carnival From Hell

August 4, 2014
By Hbkooy PLATINUM, Champaign, Illinois
Hbkooy PLATINUM, Champaign, Illinois
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Black and red the tents loom above
Flags flutter in the warm breeze
At the carnival that I love
Rides all run with such ease

Each specific coaster so fast
Matches the color scheme
But today when I walked past
Saw a coaster with a new theme

Bright and golden shining brightly
Obviously brand new
Wind so strong it rocks it slightly
But seems to beckon you

People in line stand in a daze
No one says a word
No child laughs or tries to play
A falling pin could be heard

We all watch as the first ones
Board the majestic beast
Once strapped in tight the coaster runs
Not a sound from tracks freshly greased
Up higher and higher the cars climb
Once they reach the top
It halts briefly and stops time
And then it plunges unable to stop

Towards the ground the people scream
And the ones in line all stare
It seems slow motion; all a dream
When we’re all given a scare

Relentlessly it falls down
And then the brakes give out
Smashes right into the ground
Everyone riding is dead no doubt

Bloody mess runs across the grass
And covers up the gold
And then the very shocked mass
Shaking and suddenly cold

Just stare at the broken, bleeding dead
Can’t look away from the mess
Thankful to still be alive
But frozen as if possessed
And then one person breaks the spell
Runs away from here
One by one we follow as well
Eyes all filled with tears

The colorful tents no longer a sign
Of the joy within the fair
None of the coasters seem to shine
Everything filled with fear

We all left pale and scarred
Went straight home to bed
Unable to discard
The horror in our heads

Never again can we receive
Rollercoaster thrills
Never again able to believe
Coaster builder’s skills

Carnival music is now morbid
Clowns no longer funny
Ruined by a scene so horrid
Lost so much for so much money

Constant flashbacks to this day
We’re all unable to dwell
None of us came out okay
Out of the carnival from Hell

The author's comments:
A new ride opened at an amusement park near my house, and this was the result of my nerves about riding it.

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