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The Victor

September 24, 2014
By Jack Bell BRONZE, South Weber, Utah
Jack Bell BRONZE, South Weber, Utah
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The victor walks without a crown
Through dust he marches on
The agony of a thousand blades
Leaves his sword undrawn

The victor sings without a song
Though aching he must be
The suffering still he feels deep down
Shall be shouldered without being seen

The victor falls without a sound
Though much he wants to say
The cries of anguish from his deaths
Shall not be heard, they shall not stay

The victor is without a crown
As he lies below his blood
His shackles lashed by those around
Will never be understood

The author's comments:

I wanted to write a poem that embodies the frustration of shouldering burdens alone. The feeling of anger at others complete naivete is what inspired me to write a piece for the misunderstood. Writing this helped me work through some pain that I'm feeling. I wanted to write about an enigmatic hero who is "the Victor" just because he's survived up till this point.

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