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July 16, 2018
By Jane_25 SILVER, Sedalia, Missouri
Jane_25 SILVER, Sedalia, Missouri
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Every flower is unique.

From the tone of the petals,

to the length of the stem.

Unique I tell you. They are unique.

Every flower will die.

Whether it’s from not enough water,

or the stem breaking.

I tell you they will die one day.

Every flower will flourish.

They might add color to your porch.

They might create new flowers.

However, they do it, they will flourish.

Every Flower goes through pain.

From not getting enough water,

to being eaten alive.

Flowers go through pain.

Every human is unique.

From the color of their skin,

to the size of their body.

Unique I tell you. You are unique.

The author's comments:

I want people to know that it's okay to be original and unique.

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