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July 29, 2018
By Dylan_Writes15 SILVER, Arvada, Colorado
Dylan_Writes15 SILVER, Arvada, Colorado
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"She would be brave. She would be heroic. She would make her own destiny." -- from Winter by Marissa Meyer

“Cry night”

Because apparently you’ve got to let it go

At church camp

At some point.

Because if that giant senior’s

Bawling into his massive hands

You feel this pressure to let go


Just throw it down

And get down with everyone else

To that thumping Jesus-beat

Just let it fall

And yell

Praise and close

Eyes and lift


I cried during cry night

(Like everybody else!)

But I didn't really lift my


I remember not wanting to

Because I was scared they would get filled


And then where would I let it all go?

The author's comments:

One night at a church camp my peers and I were encouraged during a time of worship to "let go" of whatever had been holding us back and embrace the freedom that Jesus offers us. At the time, I was struggling with condemnation and shame, finally having to stare it in the face after carrying it for so long. And I did what they wanted. I let it all burn away under the grace and love of my Savior. But in my heart, I still had doubts: what would happen if my shame returned? What would happen if nothing ever changed? I still struggle with doubts, just like any believer. But I understand now that while my feelings may change, my God never will.

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