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August 17, 2018
By sara-a-bear GOLD, Brandon, Mississippi
sara-a-bear GOLD, Brandon, Mississippi
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"I can tell by the way you're laughing, you're trouble looking for a place to happen."
- Chris Young

I’m a liar,

And I’m not sorry if it pisses you off.

I’m a liar,

But you may never know,

Because everything I say

Is just a facade.

I’m a liar,

Because I laugh

And smile

And try to be funny.

I’m a liar,

Because my train of thought

Is really a crossroad

I’m a liar.

When I say “I’m just tired,”

I mean “I miss him so much.”

I’m a liar,

Because that was my man.

I’m a liar,

Because he was my family.

He wants me to be strong,

So I try for him.

I’m a liar.

I tell him I’m okay.

I’m a liar.

I talk to him all the time.

I know he can hear me.

I know that he’s listening.

He knows

I’m a liar,

Because he knows I love him.

I know I’m a liar

Because I’m not okay.

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