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So here we are again

October 20, 2018
By Var BRONZE, Addison, Illinois
Var BRONZE, Addison, Illinois
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so Im here and it’s very small. Why didn’t you tell me what was wrong? All those unanswered texts were finally answered, all those nights I though what was the matter, I finally found the answer. I still can’t explain how this went unnoticed, or untouched, but you could have told me what was up. The laughs and talks we had made it seem like everything was fine. I never even knew you were holding back tears in your eyes. So... here I am again, trying to find some new friends. It’s been hard to find someone just like you, someone I have known for years, and someone I can easily talk to. I know i can’t dance but at least you were there with me to show me how to leap in the air. I was never good at dance, but then you came and showed me how to turn out my feet, and spot while I turn. I am again, trying to dance, but yet I still can’t. Why do I need to have turned out feet, when I just want to dance. I can’t leap nor turn, but I still love to dance. Yet I just can’t. Not till you left, I was just fine before, but after you left, I was broken. After you left I was weak, after you left I cried, after you left I wished you never left. I am again

The author's comments:

I wrote this on the spot, I never lost a friend, but I thought this was a beautiful piece, so I wrote it, based off,of what my friend was going through. 

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