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The rise of a champion

October 27, 2018
By Var BRONZE, Addison, Illinois
Var BRONZE, Addison, Illinois
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We all started small. I started small you started small we all started small. Yet we all have our own paths, paths that put us on track, and paths that will always last. Your life goes by , but even though your on your track, you always find a way to stray from your track. Life gives us tracks, yet we will always stray far from the tracks, and be alone and abandoned. We may struggle and strive for things we want, but some will always fail. Keep failing my friends, keep failing. Life was never made for you to perfect at  everything you started, life never wanted you to perfect everything the first time, life never wanted you to grow up perfect. Life wanted you to fail. Life wanted you to know how to get up, life wanted you to know that failure makes a champion, life wanted you to make yourself better. No matter the fails or the losses there is good to come. No matter how low you may look or feel, there is still goodness around that you can feel. Life never wanted anyone to fail. Life wanted:

                   You to write your story not copy others 

                         Create your tracks

                                    Live in no shadow of others

                                             Create your legacy

                                         And be the rise of a champion    

The author's comments:

Never feel alone, or confused in your life. No matter how many hardships and failures you may have, there is good to come. Just keep striving forward, and good will come. For anyone going through tough times it will be over and you will feel like a champion just keep going and don’t stop until it’s done 😊

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