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Falling Fire

November 9, 2018
By skaiescape SILVER, Branson West, Missouri
skaiescape SILVER, Branson West, Missouri
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"People should fall in love with their eyes closed." -Warhol

Red and gold line my sight,

The glint of green throughout,

A burning sea of life,

To lure gazers close,

And catch their greedy eye,

Worth more than weight in silver,

A crown upon the world,

Gracing us with its presence,

And thieving away our soul,

Artists recreate,

Less breathless wonders,

For nothing can compare,

To the world that lies out there,

The world of burning wonders,

Wandering hearts to treasure,

This vision for themselves,

A great big worldwide show,

Its flaring skin a burst,

To truly own this nature,

One must command the physics alone,

But that time shall never pass,

For Creation holds it close,

A secret, for none but they,

Later falling fire,

The vibrancy burnt to ash,

Leaving looming, barren frames,

The corpses but a trick,

Until leaf comes next season,

Splattering all in green,

And then the cycle begins again,

The changing of colours,

The falling of fire.

The author's comments:

It's fall, of course, the trees have changed colours. I find I'm inspired by nature most often and it has happened yet again!

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