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Ocean of Dreams

November 29, 2018
By MegaNova BRONZE, Turtle Lake, Wisconsin
MegaNova BRONZE, Turtle Lake, Wisconsin
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Favorite Quote:
Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.
--Jennifer Lee

On the brink of an unknown universe

Imagination overtaking all

Pulling you off the rim of reality

Into a whirlpool of thoughts and feelings

Choose to willingly dive in

Or struggle to the surface

How much fight remains after a drawn-out, tiresome day?


Under the heavy sea

Seconds convert to hours

A dream is full




Here and now

An unbreakable slumber


Lost somewhere between reality and dreamscape

At this point, who knows the difference?

Meshing and mashing

Waves clashing





Adding spices and flavors

Either comforting or stressful

Collectively chosen is nightmare or fantasy

This decision is uncontrollable, but with experience the wild ocean can be tamed


An abrupt shift

A thin sheet of glass

You realize was your support


You suddenly splash into fuzzy waters

But now awakened, with vision engaged

The crushed crystal doesn’t sting and bleed

Instead a reality is focused


Simply a flash

Beginnings transform into endings

Remaining is dazed confusion

Moments of recollection

Feelings from an eternity ago

An endless ocean


Returning is time’s steady pace

Reappearing is the sun

Let’s gather up a new day

And raise the sails for dreams to come

The author's comments:

How would one describe a dream?


(Credit goes to whoever created the wonderful picture-- I did not create it)

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