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One Day

January 2, 2019
By wooldhoot GOLD, Longmont, Colorado
wooldhoot GOLD, Longmont, Colorado
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“One day,” they say,

And I’m not sure if it’s

The pity settling in their

Eyes or the undeniable

Weight of my own conscience,

But I don’t quite know if I

Believe them.

“One day,” they say,

Yet all I seem to have is

Today, and not even God

Himself could count all

The pointless hours between

Now and then.

“One day,” they say,

But I’ve seen what the hope

Of one day can do to you.

I watch it devour him,

Shredding his flesh to the

Bare bones like a pack of

Feral dogs.

“One day,” they say,

And I pray that one day

Will not find me devoured

Too, that the promise of

Something doesn’t leave me

With nothing.

“One day.”

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