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11 Words, 11 Losses

January 10, 2019
By EMolne BRONZE, Cary, North Carolina
EMolne BRONZE, Cary, North Carolina
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You came like the wind,

Fast and sudden.

Here one moment, gone the next.


Filled with broken promises,

Scattered to the wind the second they left your lips.

Such curiosities, these lies, how had I ever believed them?


Like a magnet you always came back.

Like a magnet I was always left waiting

Waiting for my other half to return


Yet, I was not prepared for the tornado you’d cause.

The destruction you left,

Tilting my axis out of existence.


The tornado powered by 11 words,

Words that made me feel.

11 simple words that destroyed me.


I won, I go what I hoped for,

You came back.

Back to me? Back for me?


But you had the power.

You had the freedom to leave,

The freedom to break me.


So I guess the victory is yours after all….

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