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The Girl in the Mirror

January 27, 2019
By GraceTaylor12 BRONZE, Coopersburg, Pennsylvania
GraceTaylor12 BRONZE, Coopersburg, Pennsylvania
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"You are unique, and if that is not fulfilled, then something has been lost." -Martha Graham

Gray blue eyes, blankly staring

Black coated spindly lashes, one side drooping

Brows, even and full

Scars and cuts underneath, from threading and plucking

Large dark circles under the eyes, from stressing and not sleeping.

Bulbous nose, shiny with highlight

Skin, bumpy; long tangled hair, staticy and featherlight

Forehead, wide, scarred, and powdered with makeup

Chin, prominent; ears, double pierced; jaw, slight

Teeth, straight and fake; lips, dry; demeanor, always polite.

As I look at myself for what seems like the millionth time

The girl who tries too hard to please full-time

And I pull out my phone and turn on the camera

I turn on the spot light to make my highlight shine

I take the photo of my masked identity in which I always lie.

The author's comments:

This poem was based off the poem "The Face in the Mirror" by Robert Graves. 

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