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September 12, 2019
By PoetFromAnotherPlanet GOLD, San Jose, California
PoetFromAnotherPlanet GOLD, San Jose, California
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"Poetry is not a turning loose of emotion, but an escape from emotion; it is not the expression of personality, but an escape from personality. But, of course, only those who have personality and emotions know what it means to want to escape from these things." -T.S. Eliot

You sip on self-pity

Now that wine has been vanquished from the house.

Bitter insults leaving your tongue

Like the smell of alcohol on your breath

As you pinned me to the mattress all those nights ago.

You accuse me of being like the rest,

Always leaving you in your worst moments.

Never had I questioned why they left.

You tell me to run,

For you only abuse those you love.

I had thought that your overcritical mind was exaggerating.

I wish I had seen those for what they were,

A warning,

Not some misplaced self-hatred.

It is proof of my love that you seek,

The thrill of me chasing you as you degrade and run away

That fuels your affection for me.

You ask me to tell you I love you.

You ask me to assure you I will never leave.

You want me to beg you to stay.

I cannot.

I once loved you.

I am leaving you.

There will be no need when I am done.

The author's comments:

About being in an unhealthy relationship. I never thought it could happen to me. It doesn't always look how we think. 

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