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A Moondust Kind of Love

June 18, 2020
By Caydee BRONZE, Oakland, Illinois
Caydee BRONZE, Oakland, Illinois
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He's the kind of boy that turns the mundane into moondust. The radio static into jukebox tunes.

The kind of boy you love after realizing no one will magically take away your sadness and pain.

The kind of boy you know you want to sit with through the darkness. No matter how much it hurts.

The author's comments:

My boyfriend was having a panic attack and asked me to meet him at the local park in the town he was in. We were 30 minutes away and in different towns.

I told him I would come but he suddenly changed his mind. He said he was embarrassed because he was crying so hard and he didn't want me to see him like that. I came anyway, I felt like he needed someone. 

I got there and immediately hugged him, he hugged me back but whispered that I shouldn't have come. I held him under a lightpost while he sobbed into me. I calmed him down by telling him to look at the stars. 

He thanked me for coming the next day.

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