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The Curious Nature of a Bee Stuck in a Melted Melona Bar

January 29, 2021
By sofaOBTA28 SILVER, Nyc, New York
sofaOBTA28 SILVER, Nyc, New York
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Heat waves that beat 

a rhythm to singing cicadas in the distance.

Harmonizing to the dripping,  

Dripping off the gaping slats of a picnic table.

Sticky green and sweet,

Oozing steadily off the 

Tongue-splintering stick–


Abandoned in the summer heat. 

Hear the quiet drone of buzzing wings

Within that pale green expanse.

Listen, to the desperation of 

A sesame-seed brain coming to the realization that


Looks quite like melon green hills under a shockingly blue sky. 

Listen to the strains of a summer afternoon. 

The author's comments:

A melona is a sweet, green, melon flavored popcicle. The sight of a bee stuck in this popcicle is something that one wouldn't think much about, except for the bland reaction "hm. sad" or something along the lines of that. But what would it be like for the bee? Tragically trapped in something so sweet, a treat turned into a dungeon. What would it be like to be stuck, simply waiting for death?

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