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Waste Of Space

March 3, 2021
By Anonymous

Sometimes I wonder

If I have a purpose.

Why am I here?

Why won’t God tell me

What I’m to do on this earth?

Do I have anything to offer?

Useful talents?

Am I made for something


Or, am I just a

Temporary thing?

Something easily discarded?

Am I more than 

A waste of time?

A waste of space?

I’ve tried everything that

I can think of, but

Nothing is working.

God hasn’t told me my purpose.

That is, if I even have one.

I know nothing.

I’m clueless.

No matter what I say or do,

I always feel like I’m 

Just a waste of space.

The author's comments:

I struggle with depression. I wrote this just to let out some emotion.

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