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Following Our Stars

March 24, 2021
By KlodinN SILVER, Tirana, Other
KlodinN SILVER, Tirana, Other
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We are told to dream big

Like my grandparents were

An everlasting advice

That rounds from generation to generation                                            

To work hard and keep on trying

To improve yourself

And achieve important goals

As dreams are the best motivation in our lives


While we shoot for the stars

Accepting that obstacles and failure lay in our way 

It’s important to learn to cope with failure

And while failure is seen as falling

We show our strength when we get up

And keep on trying


It’s a blessing to learn from failures

In this journey

As we discover ourselves

Respect and give value to all emotions

Resilience, courage and determination

Remaining focused on our star

And most importantly believing in ourselves


And I know my defeats won’t stop me

To encourage my kids

To seek for their own stars

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