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Trying To Express How I Feel About You

March 26, 2021
By Anonymous

I'm not great at expressing

how I feel in words,

So I usually end up repeating myself.

I say "I love you" more than a dozen times a day,

but underneath those three words,

are more I don't know how to say.

I don't know how to tell you

how much you mean to me

because the closest I've ever gotten was

when I told you "you have my entire heart and soul",

yet not even that was close enough.

I say "I can't live without you"

and that's entirely true

because I'd still be an empty shell,

if I'd have never met you.

I tell you often that you saved me,

(You have more than you'll ever know)

and though you don't believe that fact,

I just wanted you to hear it.

Things have changed for the better

and I have you to thank.

Like how, because you love me,

I'm starting to love myself.

That couldn't have happened

if I hadn't had your help.

In your hands,

you took my shattered, bleeding heart

and healed it with your magic touch.

Because you did, I swear I'll never be the same.

You've done so much for me already,

yet every day you still do more,

so I just wanted to say:

I love the way you make me blush

(though I may call you a pain)

with every little compliment that you send my way.

I love how we enjoy each other's company,

talk all the time, and have fun.

Most of all, I love your smile.

Oh, God, that smile...

It dominates my thoughts,

makes my heart flutter, and

lights up my world like the sun.

I love how you make me feel alive

when no one else can.

I love everything about you.

How sweet you can be,

your dad-joke sense of humor,

how you care so much about those you're close to.


I love you for you,

and you are the best thing to ever happen to me.

The author's comments:

These were my 3:00 A.M. thoughts about my fiancee that I just decided to write down.

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