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The Light Within

March 31, 2021
By maygong SILVER, Wellesley, Massachusetts
maygong SILVER, Wellesley, Massachusetts
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Favorite Quote:
Every dream has a tomorrow, and every tomorrow has a dream.

Since childhood,

People told me “don’t quit easily,”

And they said 

That I’m a great doer.

Indeed I am,

I deserve the name.

I overcame desperation,

I thrived under pressure,

And finally reached the top of the pyramid.

I guess.

Now that they praise again,

I can feel neither pride,

Nor even a single bit of happiness,

For their smiles are so unfamiliar.

Something is missing:

Sincerity, replaced by jealousy.

But today,

I am so proud.

Not because I achieved another height,

But because I quit.

I am finally able,

And brave enough,

To quit their world.

A world wearing masks.

A world of vanity and meaninglessness.

A world so lacking in genuineness.

I am proud that I escaped,

Before drinking in the world of hypocrisy and lies,

Before falling way down deep,

Before getting swallowed up.

It’s like

Being stuck in a town of zombies,

And running for my life,

Wanting to stay alive and awake.

I don’t want to be one of them,

Even though I am aware

That if I actually became one of the zombies,

I won’t even realize

That I am on the dark side of the battle,

And that I once hated being like this.

I quit,

And they don’t praise anymore.

But why would I even care

For fake flattery?

I don’t live for their compliments,

And therefore I don’t die for their doubts and hate.


I don’t even want them to know why am I leaving,

I don’t even want to try explaining,

Because I know they don’t understand.

And they will never be able to.

We were born to be in two different worlds.

Why bother then?

I thank God for bringing about this experience,

And empowering me to see through darkness

With hope and faith.

I will keep on going with what I learned,

And continue on the path that I believe is right,

Regardless of the devouring ridicule and hatred of others.

I am fearless

Because I know

That when I’m hurt, you cure,

And when I’m on the brink of collapsing, you harbor.

The author's comments:

If you pretend to be someone you are not only to "be good" or "fit in", the world is just going to lose one of its most amazing person. Ignore the judgements and fly to your own sky.

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