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He Is There

March 31, 2021
By maygong SILVER, Wellesley, Massachusetts
maygong SILVER, Wellesley, Massachusetts
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Every dream has a tomorrow, and every tomorrow has a dream.

Every morning when I wake up from a nightmare,

is when I feel more grateful than ever

about how blessed I am. 

And it’s when I am more than sure,

God indeed cares for us, 

much more than we could ever imagine.


He is there in the first beam of sunlight that came through my curtains;

He is there among the pleasant chirps of birds in early summer; 

He is there in the fresh smell of dirt after a night of heavy rain.

I take a deep breath and embrace the world with my open arms,

and I feel God’s hug.

Every evening when I’m in my prayers,

I talk to God,

about my anxiety and fear

that I my grades might drop after a quiz

or that I might lose the ones I love someday.

I close my eyes and breathe deeply again,

I tell myself that He’ll answer in his unique way —

silent but strong.

I then open my eyes

and discover

that He is there listening carefully

in the sweet smell of freshly baked cookies,

and in the flames burning vibrantly in the fireplace on a snowy winter evening.

My chaotic heart is finally able to calm

in God’s guaranteed love.

The author's comments:

Trust God, and always let him know about your worries as well as your gratefulness, because he is there listening, and he'll answer.

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