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April 3, 2021
By Anonymous

I'm trapped in my head,

kinda wish I were dead,

so anxious and sick,

getting tired of it.

I try my best

but to no avail,

trying and trying,

I just want to prevail.

I'm tired of failing and 

the same stupid mistakes.

You think I'd learn,

but the strength that requires is

too much to take.

I'm stressed out,

my mind is dying,

failing every time.

It doesn't matter that I'm trying.

My best just isn't enough.

Why is life so damn tough?

It feels like I'm falling into

a bottomless pit.

When I expect to hit hard,

I keep fallin'.

There's nothing to catch me.

My mind is on fire,

my situation feels dire,

It's all just too hard

and I'm 




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