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The Strong Must Rest Too

June 28, 2021
By AdiSilver GOLD, Navi Mumbai, Other
AdiSilver GOLD, Navi Mumbai, Other
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God gave me depression because if my ambition went unchecked I would have bested him in hand to hand combat by age 16

I am strong, I can protect myself, I can become my own pillar.

But it feels nice to have someone to keep your shoulder on, when you are tired of being strong.

And to be accepted, that sometimes even strong people can fall.

We haven't reached our limit yet, I think I can go a little farther more.

But, just for once, I would like to slow down and rest before being strong once again.


I don't mind people calling me coward or weak

They don't know my limit, only I know what I can do.

But it breaks my heart, when my own people refuse to accept

That I am but just a man, not a God

And sometimes, I too, must rest.


Too much is being expected of me.

Far much than this little strong me can handle

But, I would go all the while, and all the way

For the ones who expect way too many things from me

Are also the ones who I love way too much.


But rest I must, or I will cease before my time

And that's the thing that they refuse to understand.

I will give my life away for them, I am not afraid of death

I am strong.

No regrets, no mistakes, no faults

I am to be a statue of virtue, beyond any compare.


And all this, I accept,

But, please, I beg of you,

Just for a little while, and then I would start being strong again

Let me rest. 

The author's comments:

I'm tired.

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