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Fate and Destiny

July 31, 2021
By AdiSilver GOLD, Navi Mumbai, Other
AdiSilver GOLD, Navi Mumbai, Other
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God gave me depression because if my ambition went unchecked I would have bested him in hand to hand combat by age 16

I never believed in fate and destiny

"Much too a waste of my time".

I worked hard and long

I thought it would be enough

They are little fairy tales,

"Suitable for children", I said

Maybe they heard me,

And for such are punishing me.

I worked too hard, harder than them all

I rushed, and burned, and tore myself apart.

From all the people in the world, who don't,

I helped them all.

For all the ones who are mine,

I burned every inch of my heart.

Maybe it's my fault,

Perhaps I should have been naïve too.

Maybe I too should have played in the grass

Instead of toiling away in the sun.

Maybe I should have left things to fate and destiny, after all.

But I didn't.

It must be why they are punishing me.


So, I grew up a bit sooner than they

So, I stopped believing in magic and play

I saw those hardships way too soon

And I gave up my faith on love and good

Was that my mistake,

That you showed me pain and hurt,

And then you punished me

When I stopped believing in happiness and life?


Was I really that mistaken,

That you showed me so much more pains

Than my grown-up heart could bear

You made me harsh, and cold

And then punished me for my stone heart.


Good things happen to good people

Or so I have heard

Well, I'm good!

Where the hell is my good thing?!


And I know, people say "don't say

Why me? But try me".

But for heaven's sake,

God damn it!

Why me?

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