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Avocado Toast

August 8, 2021
By Cucoolchameleon GOLD, Cincinnati, Ohio
Cucoolchameleon GOLD, Cincinnati, Ohio
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"There is no greater agony than an untold story within you" - Maya Angelou

The peloton truck beep beeps as it 

backs down the drive. I text my neighbor. 

She replies right away. I know she always has 

her phone with her. Yes, she answers my question. 

It’s trending, you know. 

She invites me over, and her room is 

enveloped in a mist of fragrance that pricks

my nose. Essential oils, she explains. Have you heard? 

My God, they have superpowers. I nod okay, 

but slowly feel myself fading. 

At her swim club, I dip my toes into the frigid

water, sitting beside her. We both wear bikinis. 

She reaches over and pinches my stomach. 

Seriously, lay off the sweets, girl

The pink flush that fills my cheeks is not from sunburn. 

She asks me if I want to borrow her health

magazines. When I decline, she shames me 

into a corner. I pretend I don’t feel like a kicked

puppy. I skim the headline—Lose Weight Fast!—as 

she presses it to my chest. You need it, she says. 

I take it up to my room and flip through, 

one tear for each perfect body, and so on, and so on. 

My shaking hands rip out page after page,

until all that’s left is an avocado toast recipe. 

Quick! Easy! Delicious! With one last glance, I crumple it up.

The author's comments:

So many girls struggle with body image and don't feel confident in their own skin. It's past time society learns to look beyond the surface to the true worth that's within. 

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