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Waver To and Fro

August 8, 2021
By Cucoolchameleon GOLD, Cincinnati, Ohio
Cucoolchameleon GOLD, Cincinnati, Ohio
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"There is no greater agony than an untold story within you" - Maya Angelou

I am cautious, 

But I am defiant. 

I am peaceful, 

But I have waged wars. 

I have seen the beauty, 

But also the darkness. 

I am myself, 

But I’ve been others before. 

I’ve played the daughter,

But also the orphan. 

I’ve imitated the fool, and

Constructed facades of wisdom. 

I’ve followed the rules, 

But have become the rebel, the rogue.

In the end, I go wherever

My heart calls. 

I’ve swam with 

and against the tide. 

I’ve known love, 

But also jealousy and spite. 

I’ve been the stranger, 

The friend and the foe. 

I’ve created, and learned

To knock these walls down. 

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