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The Best Feeling

October 20, 2021
By JackPrent BRONZE, Houghton, New York
JackPrent BRONZE, Houghton, New York
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The Best Feeling in Soccer


Out on the leafy green pitch,

Players lining up on their half,

All preparing for war.

One small kick and its off, 

Players running, yelling,

calling out, defending.

I’m in the middle I call for the ball,

I trap it and fake left,

I sprint right

Ball in control on my foot as I run the middle

I yell out to my teammate

It’s me and my teammate vs

 a duo of defenders.

I sprint till my defender steps up

I make a careful move and chip the ball high in the air,

It spins backward mid-air and lands perfectly at my striker’s feet

He makes a move and blows by his defender and cocks his foot back

Swoosh, the ball hits the net hard

You hear the yelling of teammates 

“Nice shot!”, “Good work!” “What a move!”

‘Good pass!” You look at your teammate and celebrate together.

That feeling is one the best I have ever experienced. 






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