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Mirror Doesn't Lie

November 10, 2021
By BlitzenDoggo BRONZE, Winfield, West Virginia
BlitzenDoggo BRONZE, Winfield, West Virginia
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“Mirror, Mirror” they ask me.

“Am I fat?”

“Of course you are.”

“Am I ugly?”

“Or course you are.”

“Does anybody love me?”


But those aren’t my words.

“Mirror, Mirror” they ask me before they put words in my mouth.

“Am I fat?”

“No, don’t listen to your mother.”

“Am I ugly?”

“No, those kids lie at school.”

“Does anybody love me?”

“I love you, if you could only let me.”

But they stare at their reflect in my window and continue to cry.

Listen to your reflection, because it listens to you.

The author's comments:

The mirror won't lie to you, you just have to let the mirror talk.

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