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Mountain I Sit Upon

December 3, 2021
By Savannahk946 SILVER, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
Savannahk946 SILVER, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
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Poetry is not meant to be read with the eyes but to be read with an elegant soul. Not to be thought about with your head but with a powerful heart.
- Savannah Kealey

In the distance from the mountain I sit upon, I see something. 

I see a crystal clear waterfall. 

One thou could not comprehend with the eyes.

Eyes of opalescent and beauty.  

Tranquil,  the water falling calmly creating an overcoming feeling of peacefulness. 

Infinitesimal, the drops that splash up from the water, a soothing sound like when rain sprinkles on a balmy spring day. 

The shamrock-colored grass surrounding the appealing sight I see in front of me.  

A sky above tricking my brain into thinking I’m seeing an art piece. 

A ravishing one with perfect colors. making eyes dazzle at the sight of it. 

The heart filled with amazement as I take it all in. 

I hope for a day again, 

Again where I see a halcyon and magical view like this one. 

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