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The Pity.

October 3, 2022
By lissumme SILVER, Moscow, Other
lissumme SILVER, Moscow, Other
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If pity is the essence of the human mind,

it might seem strange to be the one,

absorbing all of these repugnant things.

and when you see abandoned kittens,

or a poor young man with desperation on his face.

Or maybe you have seen the one defeated,

who fought with rage as if it is the ending point of both

the life and the death.

Or someone, looking for a needle

in every haystack ever seen,

you feel the guilt of being better,

of being loved, of being you.

You feel like they deserve the better,

as if you give away,

the balance will be reached.

But do you really want to give or share?

the pity is the essence of the vanity.

the feeling, that the cruel game of life,

had given you the better part.

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