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To my dear ocean.

October 9, 2022
By lissumme SILVER, Moscow, Other
lissumme SILVER, Moscow, Other
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Oh, dear ocean, i feel so similar to you.

When i see the way your waves

seem to seek destroyment,

seem to be eliminating.


But the truth is always hidden,

you just want to reach the heaven.

You are looking for the freedom

from your own destructive nature.


You are not, as well as me,

as mature as you may seem.

You are just a child,

wildened and forbidden.


So here we come, my dear ocean.

Pair of two lost small kids.

We both may seem so scary and unable to be understood.


We are destructive cause we cannot handle ourselves, 

you and I, my dear ocean,

will never be the ones expected.

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