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October 9, 2022
By lissumme SILVER, Moscow, Other
lissumme SILVER, Moscow, Other
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I have no right to blame you

for being mad at me.

It felt like I was lying

about every inch of me.


So if you want to bury me

deep down in your memory,

or even better to forget.

I get it.


But I swear you,

I did my best, my dearest girl.

I tried so hard to handle her,

so i forgot to look at you.


The time you told me

I am bleak.

I swear to you,

I didn’t mean to make you feel this way.


The loss that burdened me,

the tendency I had to be indifferent

to anyone who could have done the same.

The trust begin to be a monster,

who looked directly in my face.


But you were wrong about me,

nobody knew I end today.

You told me that the real me

was cruel, and awfully horrid.


I hope that you are right,

that I’m the one to blame,

because you, my dear girl,

have nothing to correct."

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