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Only You

September 9, 2009
By Tessa GOLD, Lubbock Tx, Texas
Tessa GOLD, Lubbock Tx, Texas
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Love is like soaking in a pool of acid!!

I hear your heartbeat
I feel your light
te sound of your whispers
keep me up at night
I see your face
I feel your skin
in this love
only you can win
when I start to cry
when I see a tear
I know I'll never be happy
throught all our years
you scream at me
you tell me those lies
and even sometimes
I wish I could die
it all will be fine
I'll be alright
just as long as you stay
far away, out of sight
I'm leaving you now
don't you try and stop me
it can't always be
you, and you only

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