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It's Hard, But I'll Get Through

September 10, 2009
By Tessa GOLD, Lubbock Tx, Texas
Tessa GOLD, Lubbock Tx, Texas
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things can be tough
when I don't get my way
things turned rough
they turned black, they turned grey
things have gone long
and things have gone by
I wish you'd let me
spread my wings and fly
it's not fair
and it's not right
for me: Tessa
it's time to take flight
i really don't care
what anyone thinks
and what does it matter
life changes everytime I blink
I could cry
I could get mad
but then what would happen
that's right, I'd be sad
I can't help it
and I can't get over it
when those thoughts come to mind
being rational I quit
I start to break down
I start to freak out
it starts with a frown
and ends with a shout
I've tried to forget it
I've tried not to cry
and to these feelings
I want to say goodbye
so, you hear me
and you hear me good
I put on the happy
and it ended in blood
so if you want to help
than you can
but first
you've got to follow my plan
I can't do it without you
and I know it's hard
but we can get through this
though we're already scarred

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INnaturegirl said...
on Sep. 15 2009 at 9:59 pm
i LOVE this poem!!!!!! u said all of the things that have been in my mind all day... thanks for putting your heartfelt words out there to share with me and somany others... it was great!!!!!!!! :D