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September 10, 2009
By Tessa GOLD, Lubbock Tx, Texas
Tessa GOLD, Lubbock Tx, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
Love is like soaking in a pool of acid!!

I think about
the good life I've had
I think about
how that life made me sad
I think about
my broken dreams
all my thoughts, plans, and astounding schemes
i think about where I want to stay
I think about
what has made me this way
I think about
my tears
all my hopes, my future, and my fears
I think about
I think about
the words that cut like a knife
I thin about
how things would have been
without haveing to convince you to win
you know what I want
and to me you won't give it
I feel as if you don't care
and depressed I start to get
I try to forget
I ever loved you
but the feelings come back
once again, they shine through
I just want to be happy
I want someone to care
but, yes, we all know
that life isn't fair

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