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Crowded, Clouded

September 3, 2009
By PLATINUM, Beaumont, Other PLATINUM, Beaumont, Other
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At 3 P.M.
My body's limp
But my mind
Is ready to explode
Thoughts run wild
Adult voices in my ear
Saying, "Hurry up!
Grow up!
Get up
And do something!
Oh, and when are you publishing
That novel?"
When all I want to do
Is nothing at all
No time
No time
For relax
That's what summer's for
And it's not here
So instead
I try to remember
If my textbook's in my locker
Hoping I won't forget it
And picture day
Piano, soccer, cross-country
Acting or singing?
Have you written that novel?
Helping brother with homework
Sister with homework
Dad askes
"How do you spell 'metocyplinne?'"
Is that a word, Dad?
And still
No time
No time
24 hours
Is no time
Oh, and when are you publishing
That novel?

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