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September 15, 2009
By blingblang4eva ELITE, Fayetteville, Georgia
blingblang4eva ELITE, Fayetteville, Georgia
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you play me for a fool
you really think I’m so dumb
that I’d follow the rules
think I’d let you just take and take
and never really see you
for the fake that you are
well one thing you’ll never see
is the scars
you left the scars
all over my body
invisible scares
that will never heal
I’ll just have to deal with the pain
I’m so sick and tired of your vain little games
done with being your little puppet
so I’m gunna cut the strings
and go on my own way
hopefully I’ll forget you some day

The author's comments:
this is about my ex best firend about how she treated me and betrayed me

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