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September 16, 2009
By Jenny1868 SILVER, Knoxville, Tennessee
Jenny1868 SILVER, Knoxville, Tennessee
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I hardly ever smile anymore and all my laughs are forced out,
they think im the same old Jenny but they're all sadly mistaken.
That carefree girl is no longer me. She was killed slowly by the insults and cruel remarks.
At first she was extremely brave,
no matter what that young girl smiled through the pain.
But now everything is different.
My will to keep on acting is quickly failing, more often then not I find myself with my head held down,and my eyes filled with uncried tears, my lips trembling.
I'm tired of pertending im happy when truely i'm not.
Tired of acting like a rainbow of sunshine, when on the inside im a raging tornado.
There's only one word for this deeply sad feeling and that's...UNHAPPINESS...I'm unhappy
I hardly ever smile anymore and my laughs are forced out.
They think I'm the same old Jenny but they're all sadly..mistaken..

The author's comments:
i wrote this one night after school because i was really deppresed and..well UNHAPPY!

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