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Denvers Streets...

September 17, 2009
By MissMarie PLATINUM, Fruitland Park, Florida
MissMarie PLATINUM, Fruitland Park, Florida
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The streets of Denver consume thoughs who walk
Beauty surrounds them in the daylight, But then darkness falls
The goons of the alley ways take over the streets
And thoughs who dare to walk, sometimes fall off their feet

Street Corners fill with the homeless, and drugies
Everyone's looking for someone with money
The cops stay near, to watch and wait
To see if the streets of Denver decide someone else's fate

The streets are not just asphalt and black
They have a mind of their own, they put on acts
The little girl walks, down a dark empty street
Only to be snatched, rapped, and beat

The streets have consumed so many peoples souls
Whether they are black or white, young, or old
Who will the streets fight next
Will this person be found alive, or dead

But all is good on the merry streets during daytime
Families walk together, looking at the shops
They laugh, and have fun, no one really cries
As long as you keep of the streets, when no longer daytime.

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