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September 17, 2009
By MissMarie PLATINUM, Fruitland Park, Florida
MissMarie PLATINUM, Fruitland Park, Florida
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The Poison spills around me
My skin becomes burned
Fire flashes above me
I wish I would have learned
Heaven doesn't want me
They say I belong in hell...
My breathing becomes harder
My body becomes ill
My face paler than white sand
My lips purple, my fingers blue
This poison cant be sucked out,
There is no vaccine,
They poison that I have swallowed,
Is now growing in me
All it took was one bad thing, then the other poisons around, eventually came to me, i'm laying on the floor, praying to god, to take this pain away, to let me hurt a little, and stay for one more day, I'm sorry for the things i've done, I'm sorry about my past, But it's all over now, My pulse dies, I see the light, But I also see Jesus, Holding his arms out, Saying come to me, What happened to Hell?
Why am I here?
Because hes forgiven me, Forgotten my past, I called to him he heard, My body wakes up, the light fades away...I seem to be alive, and given more days,
I should have known from the start, that I couldn't live my life this way...

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