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Like You

September 21, 2009
By CrimsonRose SILVER, Temple, Texas
CrimsonRose SILVER, Temple, Texas
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Like you,
I love him.

The soft touch of his hands,
And the sweet warmth of his hugs.

As he holds me,
I feel my heart sputter a beat,
Just like the time when it broke.

I know I cannot beg forgiveness,
But just as before, you are my sister,
Another piece of my world.

For so long,
I saw you turn on him,
So he turned to me.

As I listened to sorrow,
I held myself away to keep from falling,
But when he turned for me, I fell anyway.

Before, you struggled to love him as I struggled to find my heart.

Now, I give you your freedom as he grants me a heart filled with the happiness that it once lacked.

Now, you are happy as you find another,
While I am happy just to have him find me.

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